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Dear Horned Frogs Families,

I hope you are excited to get the season started. We currently have two mite (U8) teams, two squirt (U10) teams, one peewee (U12) team and we are still looking for a few more bantams (U14) to fill the roster. If you have not provided me with your USA Hockey confirmation number please make sure that has been completed prior to the assessment skates. I have five skaters who still have yet to provide USA Hockey information.

Since we have two mite and two squirt teams we will have assessment skates to ensure we are creating teams based on parity. Each mite (U8) and squirt (U10) will have one skills session and one game session.

Here are the dates and times for the assessment skates at the Morgan Park Sports Center:

Monday, September 11  – Skills Assessment (Mite/Squirt)

5:00pm to 6:00pm – Mite (U8) Skills Assessment

6:00pm to 7:00pm – Squirt (U10) Skills Assessment

Tuesday, September 12 – Game Assessment (Mites)

5:00pm to 6:00pm – Mite (U8) Game Assessment

Wednesday, September 13 – Game Assessment (Squirt)

5:00pm to 6:00pm – Squirt (U10) Game Assessment

We will have a parent meeting Saturday, September 16 for every age group. Please make sure you bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate so we can validate each player’s information with the league and for tournaments. I will go over the attached parent/player manual, provide schedule updates and we will distribute both home and away jerseys as well as home and away game socks.

Here are the specific times for the player/parent meeting:

Saturday, September 16 – Player/Parent Meeting & Jersey Distribution (All Levels)

11:00am to 12:00pm – All Mite (U8) Players & Parents

12:00pm to 1:00pm – All Squirt (U10) Players & Parents

1:00pm to 2:00pm – All Peewee (U12) Players & Parents

2:00pm to 3:00pm – All Bantam (U14) Players & Parents


Chicago Horned Frogs Hockey Club (NWHL)

The Chicago Horned Frogs program is designed for players with limited competitive hockey experience. This program is run through the Morgan Park Sports Center staff along with respective team coaches. Each sport has a developmental progression and hockey no different. Players who have completed the learn-to-skate program, tot hockey, or youth learn to play program will be eligible for the league.

This program is designed for the novice player who has some skating experience but is new to the game of hockey. The goal of the program is to develop each player’s core skill while providing a structured and organized hockey environment.

Unfortunately, not every player who registers for NWHL is guaranteed a spot on a team. Players who wish to play for the Chicago Horned Frogs will attend a series of player evaluations, which is designed to rate a player on their overall core skills such as skating, passing, and shooting. After completing the evaluation, players with adequate skill be placed on a NWHL team based on their skill level. If a player is not placed on a NWHL roster, the youth learn to play program or tot hockey program will be available for further skill development.

Northwest Hockey League (NWHL):
The Northwest Hockey League is often referred to as the “House” program, which is fairly inaccurate since a NWHL player, will travel to other rinks in the Chicagoland area to compete against other clubs. NWHL currently has 20 member clubs with multiple tiers or levels of competition. Although winning is the desired outcome, the league stresses a philosophy of balanced ice time (BIT) to ensure all players are able to contribute to the team’s success while gaining valuable experience at the youth level.  

 Highlights to the NWHL program: 

  • Time Commitment: Players will skate 2-3 hours each week. Ice sessions consist of practices, skills sessions, and either inner-squad or league games.
  • Financial Commitment: The NWHL program at MPSC is one of the most affordable programs in the area. By playing at MPSC players will pay nearly 50 percent less than surrounding clubs.
  • Player Evaluations: The coaching staff will work together to ensure teams are picked based on parity. Players are not going through a tryout process. The evaluation process will ensure player safety.  
  • Team Size: Team roster size is limited based on registration and skill evaluation. All players with adequate skill will be placed on a team based on “first come, first served” registration.
  • League Play: Teams are balanced to ensure fair competition. NWHL enforced the Balanced Ice Time (BIT), which ensures all players and goalies will receive equal ice time. NWHL prohibits teams from running up the scores with the Blowout Rule.
  • Tournament & Jamborees: Players will not need to travel for more than one out of town tournament. Mites will participate in jamborees.
  • Playing Season: Teams will play 18 league games, including 6 tiering round games (Oct – Nov) with league play beginning Dec. 1.
  • NWHL Championship Tournament: Teams are able to compete for the league championship after the regular season. Teams will go through another tiering round to ensure the NWHL tournament brackets are fair and balanced.


Age Brackets

Playing Level Date of Birth
ADM: Mite (U6) 2011 & younger
Major Mite (U8) 2009-2010
Squirt (U10) 2007-2008
Peewee (U12) 2005-2006
Bantam (U14) 2003-2004


                             Player Fees
Mite $713.00
Squirt $817.00
Peewee $817.00
Bantam $817.00




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