Learn to Play Hockey – The Learn to Play Hockey program is designed to teach participants proper skating technique, puck handling skills and develop basic hockey sense. The Learn to Play Hockey Program is helpful for novice adults who want to give hockey a try or those who have been playing for several years but want to sharpen their skills.

Our Learn to Play Program will provide each player the opportunity to work with an instructor in a smaller class setting and allow for more individualized training. This program will incorporate each of the major skill sets needed to play competitive ice hockey and also include several basic hockey sense drills.

The instructor will work with each player to develop and ideal development plan. Once the player has learned the fundamental skills such as skating, stickhandling, shooting and passing, the player will begin to combine skills in an attempt to develop a complete player.

This program will work with players on both the offensive and defensive concepts as well as some unique game situations the player may see during the course of a normal hockey game. There will be several components that carryover from one drill to the next in an attempt to build a solid hockey base.


Basic skills covered in the Learn to Play Program include the following:

Puck Control – Developing Hockey Sense
Proper Shooting Technique – Basic Understanding of Positioning
Proper Skating Stride – Reading & Reacting
Improved Balance – Stickhandling Moves
Utilizing Upper and Lower Body – Basic Scoring Techniques
Encouraging Creativity – Utilizing Rink Dimensions
Proper Passing Motion – Creating Time & Space


Equipment Needed: Skates, Jock, Shin Pads, Hockey Socks, Hockey Pants, Skates, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Jersey, Helmet (full face shield/cage), Gloves and Hockey Stick.
Ages: 18 and up

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