Learn-to-Skate Overview

The learn-to-skate program at MPSC will follow the guidelines set by USA Hockey and Learn to Skate USA. Our goal is to provide each skater with a fun and enjoyable skating experience while improving each skater’s fundamental skating ability. The next step after learn-to-skate will be joining the ADM: Horned Frogs program at the Morgan Park Sports Center.

Learn to Skate 1   

Learn to Skate 1 (L2S 1) is designed for first time skaters or those who have limited skating experience. We will start with basic skating safety, falling down and getting up then we’ll move on to the core skating fundamentals.

The goal of L2S 1 is to have each player feel comfortable on their skates while beginning to utilize proper body posture. We put special emphasis on skaters having fun and moving throughout a majority of the class.

Learn to Skate 2   

After completing L2S 1 the skater should be able to fall down and recover. The next step in the learn-to-skate process is improving the skater’s balance, coordination, and agility.

At this level the skater will begin to learn about body position, striding, posture, stopping, crossovers, and balance.

We will use a mixture of drills and basic skating instruction to keep skaters moving throughout the class. At the coach’s discretion, skaters may be allowed to start skating with pucks while learning hand placement and proper passing technique.


*Skaters must pass each level prior to advancing. Each session will conclude with an evaluation. Please make sure you enroll in the proper level the following session. After completing Learn to Skate 2 skaters should be able to enroll in the ADM: Horned Frogs program.

Equipment Needed: Optional equipment includes: Hockey helmet with full cage, hand gloves, elbow pads and shin pads.

– Falling and Recovery – Backward March or Wiggle
– Proper Forward and Backward Stance – Stationary Rocking Horse
– March Forward (8-10 steps) – Stationary Edge Work
– March Forward with Two-Foot Glides and Dips – Basic C-Cuts
– Stationary Snowplow Stops – Proper Skater’s Stance
– Forward Swizzles/Rocking Horse/Footballs (2-4 Consecutively) – Single Skate Balance


Questions on which class to sign up for? Take a look at this flow chart for more info!


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