2017 Summer Hockey Clinics  

Resident                                  $50.00

Non-Resident                         $100.00                               


Horned Frogs Mini Clinic | June Clinic | June 20-22

Activity               Time                               Class                                                      Ages

199600           8:00-9:00 AM      Horned Frogs Mini Camp                 (6-10)

199601           9:10-10:10 AM      Horned Frogs Mini Camp                (10-14)


Horned Frogs Mini Clinic | July Clinic | July 25-27

Activity       Time                                       Class                                                     Ages

199602           8:00-9:00 AM       Horned Frogs Mini Camp                 (6-10)

199603         9:10-10:10 AM        Horned Frogs Mini Camp                  (10-14)


Horned Frogs Mini Clinic | August Clinic | August 1-3

Activity       Time                                     Class                                                   Ages

202020           8:00-9:00 AM      Horned Frogs Mini Camp                  (6-10)

202021            9:10-10:10 AM     Horned Frogs Mini Camp                 (10-14)

The Chicago Horned Frogs Mini Camps will combine all three of the clinics we held over the spring session. The goal of our summer camps is to keep our players on the ice during the off months while providing them with a plethora of skills that we covered during the spring session.

We will focus on three different categories, power skating, puck skills and developing translatable skills or hockey sense.                                   

Power Skate   
The first 15-20 minutes of each practice will be designated for power skating. The main focus of this clinic is to teach the player about balance, agility, speed, and coordination. Each player will undergo a series of straightaway drills along with several change of direction drills. The goal is to develop each player’s core skating ability while providing feedback that will help to develop speed, quickness and agility. Based on the coach’s discretion, pucks may be used in this clinic.

Puck Skills  
Throughout the three-day clinic, we will teach players how to handle the puck in open ice as well as through traffic. This clinic will teach players how to manipulate another player or a goalie while maintaining their speed. We will also focus on core passing, shooting, and puck protection skills. The class will utilize straightaway drills as well as station-based training. Goalies are able to attend the clinic at no cost.

Translatable Skills
Our goal is to not only teach players fundamental skills while developing hockey sense and instinct but also to show how these skills translate to a game situation. The goal is to teach players the fundamentals, then have players use their instinct with the fundamentals. The final stage is going solely off instinct and allowing the player’s skill shine without thinking about proper technique.

*Skaters must wear full equipment to each skills clinic. The clinic dates and times are subject to change based on enrollment.


Complete Skills HS Clinic at Morgan Park Sports Center

The Complete Skills High School Clinic will be hosted at the Morgan Park Sports Center and run by MPSC Hockey Director, Kevin Coyne. There will be four weeks of ice totaling 9 hours and 20 minutes of ice. The goal of the clinic is to prepare players for the upcoming fall season. This clinic is for anyone who plans on playing high school, junior or college hockey during the fall. We will focus on everything from fundamental skating, puck handling, passing, and shooting skills to hockey sense and team concepts. Each player should have at least one year of high school, travel or AAA experience.

Complete Skills HS Clinic at Morgan Park SC
Morgan Park Sports Center • Total On-Ice: 2 Hours 20 Minutes each Week
Tuition:  $50 each week | All sessions at 3:00pm to 4:10pm
Week 1:  Tuesday, July 18 & Thursday, July 20        | (Chicago Park District Activity #: 223651)

Week 2:  Tuesday, July 25 & Wednesday, July 26     |  (Chicago Park District Activity #: 223654)

Week 3:  Tuesday, August 1 & Thursday, August 3   |  (Chicago Park District Activity #: 223655)

Week 4:  Tuesday, August 8 & Thursday, August 10 |
 (Chicago Park District Activity #: 223656)

To Register:  Log onto the Chicago Park District Website:

                                                                           How to Enroll

  1. Visit the Chicago Park District website and create an account if you don’t already have an active account.
  2. Search Park 577 or Morgan Park Sports Center in the search box
  3. Select 2017 Summer programming and use the search box to select each clinic



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