Drop-In Ice Schedule

Please see below for descriptions about the different ice sessions.

Freestyle Ice

Freestyle Ice is practice ice for Figure Skaters who are in Pre-FreeSkate and above, or any level skater that has scheduled a private lesson with a coach. It is not an open skate. Hockey players are not allowed on Freestyle Ice unless accompanied by a Private Coach the entire time, for a private lesson. 

Open Skate 

Sundays 4:20pm-5:35pm

Open Skate or Public Skate is ice for the general public to enjoy with no level requirements, or other pre-requisites. The majority of people will fall into this category. 

Stick n Puck

Stick n Puck is practice ice for Hockey Players who have full gear and are looking to practice their hockey skills. It is not an open skate. Private lessons are allowed, and Figure Skaters are not allowed on Stick n Puck. 

Rat Hockey

Rat Hockey is a ‘pick up’ hockey game or a scrimmage between any players who show up for the sessions. Full Gear is required, and you must be over 18 to participate.