Spring Schedule 

In effect April 1st – June 2nd 

Drop In Block Schedule – Spring 2019 (Downloadable PDF)


Times and dates are subject to change based on ice availability, holidays and special events.
Please call the front desk at 773-840-4622 or look at our up-to-the-minute ice calendar for up to date information.
For questions, please contact Figure Skating Coordinator, Kathy Janik at KJanik@morganparksportscenter.net

These sessions are for skaters in USFS Pre-Free Skate and above or ISI Freestyle 1.
Skaters in Snowplow Sam – Basic 6 (or Tot-Delta in ISI equivalent) levels can skate on these sessions only with a private coach.

Hockey players are not allowed on these sessions, unless accompanied by a private coach.
IF in a private lesson, they are allowed to wear a helmet and gloves ONLY.

Punch Card for 10 Freestyle Sessions:

Punch Card for 10 Freestyle Sessions                                       $100.00
Punch Card for 10 ½ Hour Freestyle Sessions                        $50.00
Punch Card for 10 Freestyle Sessions: Non-Staff Pro            $50.00

One Hour Walk-On: FREESTYLE Skater $12.00
½ Hour Walk-On: Tot – Basic 1 Skater $6.00
Non-Staff Pro Walk-On $7.00
Punch Cards may be purchased at the business office. ALL skaters and Non-Staff Pros must sign in and present their Punch Card, or pay the Walk-On Fee BEFORE entering the ice. Limit of 24 skaters per session.

*Schedule is subject to change without notice.

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