Hanna Morfogen
Yoga & Fitness Program Coordinator: Yoga@McFetridgeSportsCenter.net

A dancer for most of her life, Hanna found the stretching and strengthening aspect of yoga to be an excellent complement to her dance training. It wasn’t until she began classes at CorePower Yoga that she was able to find a deeper connection within herself and truly fell in love with the practice. A movement enthusiast, Hanna was immediately drawn to the physical challenges presented through creative Vinyasa flow sequences. Shortly after, she felt an energetic shift begin to impact her life in the most positive of ways. Hanna received her 200-Hour Yoga Teaching Certification in 2014, and now teaches yoga, fitness, and dance, and helps lead yoga teacher trainings. Hanna’s yoga classes incorporate a focus on breath and alignment in order to flow seamlessly through postures, hoping that her students will find the same moving meditation that brings her to her mat every day. Hanna is thrilled that she is able to make a living doing what she loves as Yoga & Fitness Program Coordinator at both McFetridge and Morgan Park Yoga & Fitness Studios.

Brenna Joyce
Assistant Yoga & Fitness Program Coordinator:

Brenna has been teaching group fitness classes since 2008. She has an AFAA certification in both group fitness and personal training, certifications in Yoga Fundamentals
level I & II, Jillian Michaels Body Shred, Kaiser Cycling, Mat Pilates, Barre above and currently working on her BollyX dance certification. Brenna has taught a variety of classes including yoga for kids, athletes and adults, Pilates, cardio kickboxing, Tabata, indoor cycling, strength training, body shred, bootcamp and water aerobics. Her many certifications, years of continued education in health and fitness and her passion to help others has qualified her to teach a diversity of classes to all demographics.
Her passion for fitness began when she lived in Hawaii and took cycling and yoga classes on the beach. In her free time she enjoys running, practicing her ukulele, exercising with her dog Kaia and training for various races.

Kimberly Rudd

Kimberley Evans Rudd is certified Zumba instructor since 2010. She is the former owner of two local women’s fitness centers and the director of Shift To Fitness, a Chicago-based initiative that promotes healthier living and well-being for adults and children by providing on-site, special event and workplace fitness programs. Through her company, she has led fitness sessions for Chatham SMG, the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Public Library system, a Loop building management company and several churches. A graduate of Northwestern University, Kimberley also works as a communications consultant to nonprofit, corporate and government organizations. She lives in Chicago’s Beverly community with her husband.

Susie Garcia

I first began doing yoga 5 years ago when I realized how much my anxiety and lack of concentration was beginning to disrupt areas of my life. After noticing the subtle changes in my mood, level of awareness and connection with my body as well as with something beyond me, I had discovered the true healing power of physical discipline. This led me to deepen my practice and travel to Bali, Indonesia for my 200 hour vinyasa flow teacher training intensive through Frog Lotus Yoga (Yoga Alliance Qualified). An inner truth I knew deep inside had reawakened during my experience in Asia and all I knew was that I had to share it. In my style of yoga I like to create a practice that allows healing not only in the body, mental and emotional state, but the very core being by focusing on natural breath awareness followed by rhythmic movement, and strengthening asana (pose) holds. By encouraging the student to focus inward he/she will begin to unlock energies held within parts of the body allowing disconnection from one’s habitual self in order to reconnect with one’s authentic self.

Cheretta Hill

Cheretta Hill-Botchwey began taking dance and fitness classes in 2009. During her journey, it became apparent that she loved being a part of the fitness and dance world while losing 85 pounds. She launched her fitness career in August of 2009 while studying dance and teaching dance-oriented fitness classes around the Chicagoland and Suburban areas. Her mission is to continue to raise awareness of cultural dances while inspiring others to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Cheretta’s dance studies include dance styles such as Belly Dance, Brazilian dance, Indian dance, Caribbean, West African Dance and others. She has traveled to West Africa to study Senegalese and Ghanaian dance. She has also studied under many instructors learning dances from Ghana, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and the West Indies. Cheretta is certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Her dance fitness licenses and certifications include Bokwa Fitness, Flirty Girl Booty Beat, HOT HULA Fitness, Masala Bhangra, Pound Fitness, Street Vybe, Timbuk Fitness, and Zumba Fitness. She has also served as 1 of 2 Bokwa Fitness Education Specialist Trainers in the state of Illinois.

Coudra Costict

My journey to yoga has been an interesting. In 2003 I re-dedicated myself to getting “back in shape” and signed up at a local gym. Not long after, I started to experience lower back and hip pain. After countless test and several diagnoses of a pinched nerve, slipped disk, and bursitis, my dearest cousin recommended I take a yoga class. I immediately dismissed her suggestion. However as my pain persisted, I became desperate and took my first yoga class. After consistently taking class, I realized my pain started to ease. I noticed I would have “flair ups” during stressful moments in my life. Without understanding or even knowing about mind and body connection, it dawned on me my bottled up emotions triggered discomfort in my body. It was during that moment, I became a true believer in the practice. I wanted to learn more so I could share it’s benefits; but the challenge was yoga classes, least knowing a teacher training program were extremely limited on the south side of Chicago. With no access available, I put my dreams aside. Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, I moved to Louisiana to help with the relief efforts. Through a series unforeseen events, I again had a brief but profound conversation about yoga. Soon, I found myself volunteering at Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans and shortly after was accepted to their intensive eight month teacher training program with renowned teachers Sean Johnson and Mitchel Belier in 2011. As awkward as it was being in an environment that was so far removed from anything I had known, it became my “safe place”, my refuge. A place I could just “be” with no expectations, but to give myself the gift of my practice. Now 11 years after my first yoga class, I am a certified and insured Yoga instructor. It is my vision to create that same “safe place” for others, who just like me , would never entertain taking a yoga class; but can reap the benefits of the practice. Specializing in beginners classes, I offer a combination of vinyasa flow and restorative poses that allow students to foster their own mind/ body connection.

Meg McDermott

Meg McDermott has been involved in sports and fitness her entire life. She started gymnastics at an early age, then became a competitive gymnast and tumbler. She moved on to figure skating at the age of 11 years old and was a competitive figure skater through high school. Meg has always had a passionate interest in fitness which lead her to attend NPTI (National Personal Training Institute). For the past five years she has been working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She currently holds an AFAA group fitness certification. Meg has also taught several different disciplines, including yoga, yogalates, step aerobics, functional training and Silver Sneakers! She loves working in the fitness field and being a part of helping others achieve their fitness goals. Meg is very happy to be teaching fitness at the Morgan Park Sports Complex, and being involved in helping her community!

Donisha Reed

Hey! My name is Donisha Reed. I went to Purdue University (Boiler Up!) for my undergraduate degree and Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) for my masters. I used to live in North Texas but now I’m back home. I went to Morgan Park High School (c/o 2007!) so I’m really excited to be teaching fitness classes to people in the community. I love bulldogs, boxers, sandwiches, sushi, and all things Game of Thrones.​ My passion is working with clients to help them learn to love and appreciate their bodies at every stage of physical fitness while also having fun and providing them with different tools for fitness progression. There are many of ways to get engaged in physical activity and exercise and I am determined to help the people I serve find what feels good for their lifestyle. See you in class!

Kimberly Vihon

Kimberly Vihon grew up in Beverly, IL. She went to Beverly gymnastics and was always interested about the body and the way it worked. After high school and college she became a licensed massage therapist. She studied yoga in a Shivanada ashram, and also is a certified children's yoga teacher.

Margaret Barrett
Yoga & Meditation Instructor:

Margaret’s journey to awakening began in 2002, when introduced to meditation by her dad, a dedicated and seasoned meditator. Since then, she has cultivated a strong meditation practice which has led to greater mental clarity, improved self-awareness, calmness and joy in her life.
She began her yoga practice in 2006, quickly seeing the amazing results that it had on the body, mind and spirit. She earned her 200-hour certification from Prairie Yoga, through the Beverly Yoga Center, in 2016. An intrigued student herself of how the body stores emotion, Margaret teaches mindfulness, pranayama (breath work), yoga and meditation to help students tune into their own healing needs, creating more balance and harmony in their lives. Her intention to live each day in awareness from a level of higher consciousness has become a life-long and purposeful journey.
With more than a 20-year career working for corporations amidst change and transformation, Margaret has keen insights into the wellbeing needs of employees in that environment. She leads mindful meditation sessions in the workplace to help employees reduce stress and anxiety, and create calm, mental peace for personal growth and overall better health.

Liezle Garcia

Liezle discovered yoga after she was recovering from the birth of her 2nd child and a wish to lead a more active lifestyle. While her goal was an interest in overall fitness, she found that her true passion was yoga. She did her RYT 200- hour training at Reflections Yoga in Homewood, Il.
The training opened a whole new world of health, fitness, yoga styles, meditation and spirituality. She attends workshops and continues teaching and training to build on her knowledge of body and mind practice. She is an E-RYT yoga instructor, pre-natal yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, children’s instructor and a cycling instructor. Over the years, she has taught at various locations in the area.

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