What to Expect

To ensure the safety of all athletes, we recommend the following gymnastics attire:

  • One piece leotard
  • Fitted shorts or leggings
  • Fitted full-length shirt
  • Bare feet, except for trampoline
  • Hair secured away from face

Due to safety concerns, the following is not permitted:

  • Bare midriffs
  • Denim fabric
  • Snaps or zippers
  • Over-sized T-shirts
  • Footed tights
  • Ballet shoes
  • Jewelry, including hair jewelry & butterfly clips

Athletes that are unprepared for class may not participate.

Punctuality Please arrive on time for your child’s class. Tardiness is disruptive to the other gymnasts as well as the instructor. Skills for the day are usually introduced while warming up therefore punctuality is imperative.

The First Day The first day of each session will include an explanation of the gym rules. These are important as safety is essential in the gymnastics environment.

Class structure All classes, with the exception of the Parent-tot class will begin with some cardio to get their bodies warm, the class will do some stretching, the skills being focused on that day will usually be introduced at that time. The pre-school classes will move on to obstacle courses which are designed to cover the skills out lined on the evaluation sheet for that level. Recreational classes will rotate to two events, for example bars, floor, vault, and beam for girls. Boys will focus on parallel bars, rings, vault, pommel horse, rings, and floor. Tumbling classes will utilize areas on the floor. All classes will have the opportunity to jump on the tumble track.
Class make-ups Each child is entitled to one make up per session. Make ups must be scheduled with the gymnastics director. A makeup slip will be issued the day of the makeup and given to the class instructor. There will be no make ups allowed during the 6th and 7th weeks so that we may evaluate the classes.

Parents and caregivers You are welcome to watch your child’s class, however, we ask that you do so from the observation room on the second floor of the facility. It is very important that the coach has the gymnasts full attention during the class! Please have your child use the restroom prior to the start of every class! It is located just outside the gym door! You will be invited in to observe the 8th week of each session.

Lost and found There is a lost and found located in the gym. If a cell phone or keys are found, they will be kept in the office for safe keeping. Please do not bring anything of value into the gym as we cannot be responsible for these items!