Kendall Tucker (She/Her)– Wellness Coordinator, Yoga + Fitness Coordinator

Kendall grew up playing various sports with a passion for fitness. She continued advancing her athletic abilities throughout her life and finishing her Volleyball Career in college at University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. While playing sports, she focused on keeping her body stretched and relaxed in order to play at a high level. Her new found passion for Yoga and Fitness has grown from this self physical awareness as she completes her 200 Hour Yoga Certification. Additionally she is working to become certified in future skills within Fitness such as Step Classes, Ariel Gymnastics, and more! She loves helping her students delve deeper into the mental and physical practice of yoga, while educating them on basic life tools for their own personal well-being.

As the Morgan Park Sports Center Wellness Coordinator and class teacher, she wants to ensure that the classes and workshops here are created and designed specifically for the needs of the community for people to grow stronger and improve their lives. She hopes to create a place where this community can be brought together by the love of not just fitness, but wellness as she once did growing up around sports. She wants to maintain a space where people can slow down, take a few breaths, and work on cultivating their best self and improve their self gratification.


Isis Billups – Yoga Instructor

Isis is a holistic Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 yoga teacher through a training certified through Yoga Alliance. She teaches, but not limited to vinyasa, yin, and meditations. Bringing a good balance between heat and relaxation in her practice. Through her teaching she primarily encourages one message ; Individualism. Allowing the person to notice how their body feels, empower what their body can do, emphasizing the importance of being comfortable and understanding oneself. “This is your time, this is your practice. If you can breathe you can do yoga.” Isis primarily teaches class formats of Yinyasa, Yoga Flow, and Slow Flow Yoga. 

Lynda Piatt (She/Her)– Dance Instructor


Lynda has had a total of 18 years of dance training. She has experience in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and musical theater! At Morgan Park Fitness Center, she currently teaches all ages of ballet and jazz. She will be starting our first session of Musical Theater starting in the fall! Still after having 9 years of teaching experience, She is excited to continue improving herself and train the next generation of skilled dancers! Lynda was nominated and selected as the Teacher of the Year, 2019 from Intrigue Dance.



Alicia Eliza Bridges (She/They)- Dance Instructor


After instructing and supervising our first Dance Camp at Morgan Park Sports Center, Alicia is excited to step in her new position as a hip hop instructor for various age groups and classed. She is experienced in hip hop, ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, praise, competitive pom pons, and Indian dance. Alicia takes pride in being skilled in various dance styles to express herself through dance by herself and with others. She is looking forward to providing the instruction and materials of hip hop for her students to further their talents.


Sharon Dorsey- Zumba Fitness Instructor

Sharon started Zumba eight years ago. In March of 2017 she decided to take the certification training to instruct Zumba fitness classes. She is very happy to this day with that decision. Coupled with healthy eating habits, Zumba fitness classes can change your life. Decide today to check out her upbeat and sweat-filled Zumba classes!


  Lalita Vayavananda- Yoga Instructor 

In 2016, Lalita received her YTT-200hr certification at Green Tree Yoga & Meditation (now known as The Tree South LA) in California. She has since studied Yoga Therapy at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, and completed certifications in trauma informed yoga, yoga for all bodies/ accessible yoga, pre/ postnatal yoga, meditation and sound healing. She incorporates all these elements in her classes to keep them engaging, effective and safe. She has been a practitioner of yoga since 2008 and initially began for the fitness aspect, but naturally her discipline became a healing tool to overcome barriers and trauma with the realization that physicality is a mere fragment of what yoga truly encompasses. Additionally, Lalita is a doula currently studying maternal child healthcare as well as environmental literacy and urban farming.

Darcelle Murray- Dance Instructor

Growing up from my dance career I have been dancing since the age of 3 and did the intensive training when I was 4. I had done jazz, tap, modern, hip-hop, and West African, but what I am best at is ballet. Plus, I started en Pointe at the age of 13.  I studied at the following dance schools;  Stairway of The Stars, CSU Dance Team, FieldCrest School of Performing Arts, Russell Tablet Dance Studio, Homer Bryant Ballet and The Hyde Park School of Ballet. I love to teaching dance to people from any different age. In the past I had use to work as a Assistant Pom Pom/Dance Coach to award winning youth group called Chicago Bear-ette Team and worked with Elmhurst Park District Dance teaching Ballet II in the Spring 2019 with a 2 years CPR Certified.


Stay tuned for more instructor information!